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Televisions and monitors repair in Riga

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Prices on services
in repair of televisions and stands :



Cost of works (discovery and trouble-shooting)
Television is imported to 14" 10-15 Eur.
Television is imported from 15" до 21" 5-7 Eur.
Television is imported from 22" до 25" 15-17 Eur.
Television is imported from 26" до 29" (50 гц.) 25-50 Eur.
Television is imported from 26" до 29" (100 гц.) 25-50 Eur.
 Television is imported from over 29" 65-85 Eur.
 Television LCD 55-65 Eur.
 Television b/w portable       2-7 Eur.

Expls: eventual cost of repair it: sum of costs of works and detaiEur. The policy of our firm following: if there is a sum unacceptable i.e. too large (many disrepairs, expensive repair parts and т. of д.), then a client is notified and has a right to make decision : to do or no. If you will refuse, then money from you will (except for delivery) not take.

Terms of execution. 90 % of orders is ready in a flow 2- 7 days. However, there are cases, when repair parts are not for sale in Riga and they have to be ordered from abroad or other city ЛР. In this case repair can delay to the 2th months.

Typical question of client : "and did you search" at the Flea market? causes the smile of despair for us. Besides Flea in Riga there is a great number of the specialized firms on the sale of радиодеталей. Flea and did not stand alongside. And if we it is said that it is necessary to wait 2 months, then believe - it so.

P.S. There is unique possibility of renewal of the imported kinescopes to 29 inches. The process of renewal consists in replacement of "cannons". After repair a kinescope becomes new practically.

Write :

* Urgent repair produced in a flow from 1 to 24 hours from the moment of
a handing over of vehicle.